Kelowna Mixed Slo-Pitch

February 25, 2017

New Season Information 

We hope everyone had a great winter and are just as excited to get back to ball season as we are! Our executive meeting has already happened, which means that deposits are going to be due by the 7th of March at the Kelowna Mixed Annual Spring Meeting & Deposit Drop off. This year it will be at Lake City Casino in the Gateway 21 room. Deposits are $400 with the remaining balance due on or before the 4th of April.  Deposits guarantee a spot in one of our 3 levels of league Play.  Recreation and Low Competitive will still be on Sunday, with our High Competitive on Tuesdays (and occasional Mondays).  If you are a new team signing up, feel free to send us an email to have an executive contact you directly.  Returning teams will have already been contacted and guaranteed entry.   Please visit our Registration page to determine which level of play your team would like to sign up for.  

Our Executives are dedicated to ensuring all teams are treated fairly, and upholding the rules and regulations set forth by the National Softball Association (NSA). Although these rules are upheld to strict guidlines, please note that some house rules are in place based on level of play. House rules are voted on by the league at the beginning of each year, and should be brought to the attention during the Deposits meeting, so a vote can be made at the final meeting.

The Ball Pickup Meeting will be on April 4 (when deposits are due) and will be at The Canadian Brewhouse starting at 6pm.   Any questions will be answered by email, or new teams will be contacted by Phone. Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone on the fields!


Please Contact the league by Email and an appropriate league executive will contact you right away.

Or if you would like to reach out to us on Facebook




July 6th 2015  

Ribbon cutting of the Mission sports field Playground

We want to send a Huge thank you to all of our supporters in making this Playground Possible. This has been a great 10 years, and we have had a lot of support from the community.  A special thank you to Mayor Colin Basran, for supporting our league over the years and helping to open this Playground.  We also wanted to thank the Kelowna Adult Softball Association (KASA) for your guidance and help, along with Kelowna Kinsmen association for your donation. 

And of course, a big congratulations to our Founding Member Diana Veitch. Without your true dedication in starting up such a fantastic league, none of this would have been possible. Many years went in to growing and expanding Kelowna Mixed so that we could make an impact in this project.  Thank You